Montauk Mansion -Clermont


  A loose piece of history was tied up for me this day in October in Clermont, Iowa.While I was a student at UNI and a resident of the dorms , I became aware that all of the houses in each hall were named after former governors of Iowa. One of the houses in the dorm was Larabee House and of course the mansion was built by Gov Larabee. Now that you have endured that trivial piece of information,here’s one more…a KCRG weatherspotter also resides at historic Clermont and thereby always kept that name in my consciousness..So naturally I had to visit.

   The mansion is maintained by the Iowa State Historical Society after it had been given to the state when the last Larabee daughter left and of course it is now open to the public.It represents a slice of history that the state of Iowa wants to preserve and they have done a  an accurate and representative job.Of particular interest are some of the new gadgets in the house that were state of the art(see photo section)

NE Iowa Loop B 010



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