Nelson Pioneer Farm and Museum/Mule Cemetery-Oskaloosa

How do you begin to write about a mule cemetery? Well of course you have to show the proper amount of reverence. ..There can be no dumb-ass jokes or stubborn obstinence with regard to the subject matter. So I guess I will just tell you that such a place does exist and it’s located on the Nelson Pioneer Museum grounds near Oskaloosa.My host assured me that were indeed mule remains buried here so who was I to argue!!It seems that these mules were almost considered Civil War heroes as both had helped to pull Union artillery guns during the conflict.They also were pure white and branded with “US”on their hips thus making the Nelson farm a Sunday afternoon buggy ride destination for the residents of Oskaloosa.Apparently DirectTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket was not available in the local area!!

  Now if your love for historical mules is not strong enough to make you hop in the car,consider the fact that the Nelson Farm is a full-blown historical museum.The Mahaska County Historical Society has made a significant contribution to restoring the farm to an earlier pioneer time.There are many out buildings representative of the mid 1800’s as well as the main museum.Every fall they sponsor a festival demonstrating pioneer skills such as butter churning,rope making,corn husking etc. Located next to the museum grounds is the Bradbury Hall  specializing in wedding receptions.How appropriate for a place that celebrates the “hitching” of mules!!


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