Scenic Loess Hills Meanderings-Monona and Harrison Counties

Sometimes you just have to get off the beaten path and follow your nose in an exploratory sniff.Such was the case last year in Western Iowa.Now I had considered myself a pseudo-expert in loess hills travel and was attempting to prove that to an Eastern Iowa friend of mine who knew little of the area.<
My friend Dale and I had just finished lunch at the Onawa Cafe in Onawa and I had mentioned that there was an old country church near Moorhead that I knew about,had seen many pictures but had never visited.”Would you like to see it?”,I asked. “Sure!!” he said. So we started  off toward the nearby Monona County hills .
Now in my blogs you may have noted that I have posted stats stating that I never ask for directions and the Ingemann Danish Lutheran Church is only 10 miles or so from where I was born and raised,so the thought of destroying that stat never crossed my mind.However you the reader should know that although your travel analyst was returning to his home ground,many moon had passed .

100_0522The task of finding a location in the hills is different from most of Iowa where sighting on a water tower or grain elevator can give one a point of perspective.Not so in this seemingly endless series of twisting hills and hollows.I kept reassuring my friend with the time-worn “it’s just right around this corner!” Yet when the same old farmhouse ,barn and corn crib came into view on three consecutive passes,it became obvious that I had lost the scent! It was time a change of tactics!

Here is where it gets tricky if you are the official  trip statistician.In this world of GPS(global positioning)directions,my vehicle was equipped with just such a device in the case of emergency.So I decided to stop the merry-go-round,swallow my pride and some loess dust turned on the machine and implored the words”Ingemann Church”…Whhrrrrr..whrrrrr. out comes a set of directions and sure enough 2 hollows over and 3 miles to the north a church steeple came into view and hence the photo shown above. So the stat now needs to be amended to the words .

Times asked for”human directions”-0100_0532


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