Tour D’Iowa Vital Statistics(as of 11/29/17)

  • MC900438545
  • Number of day on the Tour-178
  • Number of miles traveled—50092.4(281.4 per day)
  • Number of miles by Bike-16
  • Number of Museums–84
  • Number of Historical Sites–79
  • Number of Entertainment Sites–23
  • Number of Botanical Sites–18
  • Number of Wildlife Sites–11
  • Number of Geologic Sites–32
  • Number of Educational sites –7
  • Number of Welcome centers–4
  • Number of Zoos–1
  • Number of Micro-Breweries-1
  • Total number of attractions seen—–260
  • Number of towns visited——–997
  • Number of NEW Towns visited…..790
  • Number of Counties Visited——99!!!!
  • Number Of Flat Tires—1
  • Number of Times Asked for Human Directions-0



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