NW Iowa Loop F(August 18-19-2016)

NW Iowa Loop F

Northwest Iowa poses a logistical problem to the Iowa Travel Advisor due to its remoteness from Eastern Iowa. Nevertheless I recently completed another 2 day trip to the region and compiled a photo journal featuring towns in Lyon, O’Brien , Osceola, Clay and Cherokee counties…Click for highlights below









Gitchie Manitou State Preserve



May City















SW Iowa Loop G(July 2016)


SW Iowa Loop G(July 2016)

Last week I made a trip to SW Iowa and a camping expedition to the Loess Hills broke out or was it the other way around. At any rate I was able to visit the old hometown and farm and cross off 8 more towns on the haven’t visited list.

SW Iowa Loop G(July 2016)_

Coyote Mountain(Pisgah)







Heritage Park of North Iowa-Forest City

2016-06-28 020 - Copy Iowa celebrates antiquity as well as any state in the nation especially when it comes to its agricultural roots(no pun intended, Aw heck, who am I kidding,yes it was!! The Heritage Park of North Iowa has dedicated itself to celebrate the farming history of our state but its mission is also provides a platform to inform and educate  On its large 60 acre campus there are a variety of buildings that help to accomplish Winnebago Historical Society’s goal.2016-06-28 006 - Copy

2016-06-28 027 - Copy  If you want to take a stroll around the park you are going to see a variety off buildings housing artifacts of tractors, railroad, homestead barns, log cabins, schools  steam engines etc…Basically a veritable smorgasboard of all things antique Iowa. There are also various outdoor exhibits that catch your attention on your stroll or outdoor trolley that is available at various times of the year. So if you are looking for something to do while your Winnebago RV is being refurbished at the factory or just needing a place to let your minced ham sandwich digest, a good place to educationally use that time is the Heritage Park of North Iowa!EARCORN(3.5)








Lucas County Historical Museum-Chariton


2016-06-08 046

While wending my across Southern Iowa about a month ago, I decided to explore the attractions of Chariton. I had always known that the  town was known as a hub for the Hy-Vee Grocery  chain, but I knew that there must be more to this location than the “smile in every aisle” grocery. Sure enough, a lot of the answers were found within the walls of the Lucas County Historical Museum. 2016-06-08 027

The museum is actually a collection of 7 buildings housing a representation of early life in Lucas county ..Of course coal mining was prevalent in the early 20th century of Lucas county and its artifacts are amply represented in the Lewis building There are also many unique items in this collection see Lucas County Museum Photos

You will also see the AJ Stephen House a uniquely constructed brick home that is on the National  Historic register of places. Of course there are the ever present church, Barn, blacksmith and old log cabins .Top that off with a nicely preserved  and  the oddly-named “Puckerbrush School” and you have a nice collection of sites commemorating  the way things were in days long past in Iowa.

2016-06-08 049EARCORN(3)





NW Iowa Loop E (6/28/16)

NW Iowa Loop E

This week’s travels me took me through almost 20 different counties on a circuitous discovery of Northwest Iowa’s little towns…Hindsight is always 20/20 but had I not expanded the scope of my travels a couple of years ago to include all of Iowa’s towns and not just its major attractions,the loops might not require so much mileage..but,oh well

If interested, please click on the links below for photo(captioned) journals depicting this weeks travels.

Lincoln Highway Monument Park-Grand Junction

Heritage Park of North Iowa-Forest City

NW Iowa Loop E (misc sights)