Nelson Pioneer Farm and Museum/Mule Cemetery-Oskaloosa

Mule Cemetery

Was reminded today of an old review of an animal cemetery.. so reprinted here today for your perusal and/or enjoyment!!

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How do you begin to write about a mule cemetery? Well of course you have to show the proper amount of reverence. ..There can be no dumb-ass jokes or stubborn obstinence with regard to the subject matter. So I guess I will just tell you that such a place does exist and it’s located on the Nelson Pioneer Museum grounds near Oskaloosa.My host assured me that were indeed mule remains buried here so who was I to argue!!It seems that these mules were almost considered Civil War heroes as both had helped to pull Union artillery guns during the conflict.They also were pure white and branded with “US”on their hips thus making the Nelson farm a Sunday afternoon buggy ride destination for the residents of Oskaloosa.Apparently DirectTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket was not available in the local area!!

  Now if your love for historical mules is not strong enough to make you hop in the…

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Tour D’Iowa Vital Statistics(as of 4/12/18)

  • MC900438545
  • Number of day on the Tour-179
  • Number of miles traveled—50153.4(280.2 per day)
  • Number of miles by Bike-31
  • Number of Museums–84
  • Number of Historical Sites–79
  • Number of Entertainment Sites–23
  • Number of Botanical Sites–18
  • Number of Wildlife Sites–11
  • Number of Geologic Sites–33
  • Number of Educational sites –7
  • Number of Welcome centers–4
  • Number of Zoos–1
  • Number of Micro-Breweries-1
  • Total number of attractions seen—–260
  • Number of towns visited——–997
  • Number of NEW Towns visited…..790
  • Number of Counties Visited——99!!!!
  • Number Of Flat Tires—1
  • Number of Bike Trails—–2
  • Number of Times Asked for Human Directions-0



West Cent Iowa Loop G(Sept 19-20-2016)


As the days of this year’s summer travel become singly numbered ,I decided to get off beat with  some of my stops. Everybody knows about the Grotto in West Bend or the Living History Farms in W Des Moines..but what about the Barrow Gang capture(B) ,Iowa’s tallest water tower(K) or the site of Harry Truman’s campaign whistle stop at the World Plowing Contest in 1948(B)?? With a little bit of planning  I was able to take in all of these obscure Iowa feature on my last trip and still continue my sweep up of small Iowa Towns  see W  Central Iowa Photos

Tallest Water Tower in Iowa

Tallest Water Tower in Iowa(Scranton)


Barrow Gang Shootout Site

Barrow Gang Shootout Site

National Plowing Site Near Dexter 1948

National Plowing Site Near Dexter 1948











Trainland USA-Colfax

2016-09-01 001

When one starts to reminisce about his or her past in print ,you run the risk of affixing an irrevocable age tag on your identity, but “what the heck!!” the moisture behind my ears evaporated a long time ago.This lengthy preface is my way of say that I had my memory jogged last week I visited Trainland USA near Colfax.2016-09-01-005

Like many boys growing up the 1950’s the allure of an electric model train set was a big deal to me especially the nationally advertised “Lionel” models and so I just had to have one. What a thrill on Christmas morning to be able open a package containing a train set and instantly experiencing the thrill of “engineering a train etc.” I guess it was because the train and its miles of track were still fresh in our collective memories as an important part of Iowa life .The interstates and the accompanying truck traffic had yet to be built. There were no paved bike trails marking a former rail route from Town A to Town B and everybody loved trains.

Red Atwood was a person who loved trains so much that he began to collect Lionel O gauge trains. His dream was to collect and build one of the world’s largest displays and in the 1980’s his goal was accomplished. To illustrate the size of this project :

  • 2500 square feet of display area
  • 4000 feet of track
  • 25000 feet of wire
  • 35000 hand cut railroad ties
  • over 60 operating Lionel trains in their original state

I could go on but you get the picture ..It’s a model train “bonanza”!!2016-09-01-044

So the next time you are freewheeling down I-80 ,cussing the traffic and working up a fit of road rage, or maybe you just want something fun to do,take the Colfax exit and head north to Trainland USA.


NW Iowa Loop F(August 18-19-2016)

NW Iowa Loop F

Northwest Iowa poses a logistical problem to the Iowa Travel Advisor due to its remoteness from Eastern Iowa. Nevertheless I recently completed another 2 day trip to the region and compiled a photo journal featuring towns in Lyon, O’Brien , Osceola, Clay and Cherokee counties…Click for highlights below









Gitchie Manitou State Preserve



May City